Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing
October 29-31, 1986
US Army Combat Development Experimentation Center (CDEC), Fort Ord, CA, held in Monterey, CA


Attendee List



Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Francis G. Dressel, Duke University and U.S. Army Research Office

Short Course on Density Estimation Modeling and Simulation: Studies in Empirical Model Building, October 27-28, 1986, James R. Thompson, Course Notes published in 1987 Proceedings

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Statistical Design, Analysis for Quality Improvement (Keynote, Title Only) George E.P. Box
Statistical Analysis of Intercropping Experiments Walter T. Federer
The Search for Randomness (Title Only) Persi Diaconis
Quantile Statistical Data Analysis Emanuel Parzen
Some Applications of Bayesian Image Analysis Stuart Geman

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Scoring Casualties from Field Trials in “Field Experimentation: The Analysis of Messy Data” Carl T. Russell and Marion R. Bryson
Some Topics in Messy Data Analysis (Title Only) in “Field Experimentation: The Analysis of Messy Data” Dallas E. Johnson
Title Unavailable in “Field Experimentation: The Analysis of Messy Data” John Tukey
Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of the Parameters of a Four-Parameter Class of Probability Distributions Siegfried H. Lehnigk
On the Fitting of Climatological Data Samples by a Three Parameter Distribution Function (Title Only) Helmet P. Dudel
Quick Approximations to Synthesis in Pattern Theory (Title Only) Jayaram Sethuraman
On Rotation in Factor Analysis of Atmospheric Parameters Oskar M. Essenwanger
An Exact Method for One-sided Tolerance Limits in the Presence of Batch-to-Batch Variation Mark Vangel
The Distribution of the Number of Empty Cells in a Generalized Random Allocation Scheme Bernard Harris, Morris Marden, and C.J. Park
A Heuristic Approach to Post-hoc Comparisons for Significant Interactions – A Simplified Notation Eugene Dutoit
The Design of Experiments to Determine the Incidence of Skin Burns Under Contemporary Army Uniforms Exposed to Thermal Radiation from Simulated Nuclear Fireballs (Title Only) Brian R. Shellhorn and Stewart Share
Statistical Evaluation of Desert Individual Camouflage Covers (ICC) by Ground Observers George Anitole, Ronald L. Johnson, and Christopher J. Neubert
Incorporating Fuzzy Set Theory into Statistical Hypothesis Testing William E. Baker
Practical Modeling with Fuzzy Functions and Fuzzy Data (Title Only) Aivars Celmins
A Central Limit Theorem for Fuzzy Random Variables Abstract Steven B. Boswell and Malcolm S. Taylor
An Application of a Fuzzy Random Variable to Vulnerability Modeling Steven B. Boswell and Malcolm S. Taylor
A Comparison of Two Sensitivity Testing Procedures with Implications for Sample Size Determination Barry A. Bodt and Henry B. Tingey
Tests for Consistency of a Class of Vulnerability Models David W. Webb
Nonparametric Small Sample Tolerance Limits Donald M. Neal, Mark G. Vangel, and John Reardon
A Second Look at the Perversity of Missing Points in the 24 Design Carl T. Russell

Clinical Papers

Title Author
Application of Experimental Design to the Evaluation of Expert Opinion Franklin E. Womack and Carl B. Bates
Analysis of Incomplete Block Design with Missing Cells Wendy A. Winner and Jill Smith
The Combinatorics of Message Filtering Terence M. Cronin
Nonparametric Small Sample Tolerance Limits (Title Only) Donald Neal and John Reardon
Use of the P-value and a Q-value in Rejection Criteria Paul H. Thrasher
Problems Encountered in Fitting a Large Number of Short Time Series Franklin E. Womack and Elizabeth N. Abbe
Study on the Feasibility of Generating Predictive Analysis Model by Utilizing the Army’s Existing Data Source Li Pi Su
A Method for the Statistical Analysis of the Stress-Strain Properties of Earth Materials G.Y. Baladi and B. Rohanio