US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 18-20, 2000
Rice University, Houston, TX

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Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to C.R. Rao, University of Pittsburgh

Short Course on Data, Knowledge, and Information Integration to Support Decision Making, October 16-17, 2000, Sallie Keller-McNulty, Alyson Wilson, Tom Bement, Shane Reese, Mary Meyer, Jane Booker, Mark McNulty, and Jerry Morzinski

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Warranty Contracts and Equilibrium Probabilities (Keynote) Abstract Nozer Singpurwalla
Variance and Invariance in Machine Vision Abstract Stuart Geman
Challenges for Categorical Data Analysis in the 21st Century Abstract Alan Agresti
A Spatial-Temporal Statistical Approach to Problems in Command and Control Noel A.C. Cressie, David A. Wendt, Gardar Johannesson, Andrew S. Mugglin, and Birgir Hrafnkelsson
Quantile/Quartile Plots, Conditional Quantiles, Comparison Distributions Emanuel Parzen
Innovative Bayesian Designs in Clinical Trials Abstract and Slides Donald Berry
Conceptual Issues in Model Assessment: What Can We Learn from Past Mistakes? Abstract Naomi Oreskes

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Dispersal of Bacterial Pathogens: Scenarios, Models and Accidents (Title Only) in “Biological Warfare” Marek Kimmel
Use of Genomic Technologies to Decode Bacterial Biological Warfare Agents Abstract in “Biological Warfare” George Weinstock
An Investigation in the Use of Cluster Analysis in Helping to Establish an Operational Scenario for a Combat Simulation Eugene Dutoit
A Human Factors Evaluation of the Custom Tent Design used during the 1st Brigade Task Force Lanes Exercise Jock O. Grynovicki, Kragg P. Kysor, and Madeline B. Swann
A Quantitative Method for Evaluating Machine Translation Systems Barbara D. Broome, Ann E. M. Brodeen, Frederick S. Brundick, and Malcolm S. Taylor
Passive Unicast Network Tomography based on TCP Monitoring Yolanda Tsang, Mark Coates, and Robert Nowak
Modeling Transmission Loss in a Network with a Large Number of Nodes Abstract Jayaram Sethuraman
Monte Carlo Filters and Its Application to Target Tracking and Wireless Communications Rong Chen
Clustering and Partial Mixture Estimation Abstract David Scott
Estimating Parameters in a Bimodal Distribution Abstract Douglas Frank
Accurate Lower Tolerance Limits for the Normal Random Effects Model Bernard Harris and Shun-Yi Chen
Statistical Augmentation of a Database for Use in Optical Character Recognition Software Evaluation Ann E.M. Brodeen, Frederick S. Brundick, and Malcolm S. Taylor
Another “New” Approach for “Validating” Simulation Models Arthur Fries
Graphical Analysis of Communications Latency in a Large Distributed Simulation Carl T. Russell
Lessons from the History of Wargaming (Banquet) Abstract and Slides Matthew Caffrey
Statistics and a Digital Government for the 21st Century Abstract in “Digital Government” Cathy Dippo
Web Dissemination of Disclosure-Limited Analyses of Confidential Data Abstract and Slides in “Digital Government” Alan Karr and Sallie Keller-McNulty
Statistics in Intrusion Detection Abstract in “Digital Government” Jeffrey Solka
John Tukey (1915-2000): Deconstructing Statistics (Luncheon) James R. Thompson
Stochastic Properties for Uniformly Optimally Reliable Networks Abstract Yontha Ath and Milton Sobel
Reliability Described by Belief Functions, A Second Look Abstract George Hanna
Damage Assessment Using Test Data and Expert Testimonies Abstract Yuling Cui and Nozer Singpurwalla
System Reliability for Precision Missilery Abstract Mike Danesh
NRC Workshop on Reliability for DoD Systems – An Overview of the Statistical Content Abstract in “Reliability” Francisco Samaniego
NRC Workshop on Reliability for DoD Systems – A DoD Perspective Abstract in “Reliability” Ernest Seglie
Modeling of Tank Gun Accuracy under Two Different Zeroing Methods David W. Webb and Bruce J. Held
Analysis of Fuzzy Regression for Modeling Shelf-Life of Gun Propellants Iris V. Rivero-Diaz and Kwang-Jae Kim

Clinical Papers

Title Author
A Statistical Analysis of Course of Action Generation? Abstract Barry Bodt, Joan Forester, Charles Hansen, Eric Heilman, Richard Kaste, and Janet O’May
A Clinical Paper on Efficient Search Strategies in High-Dimensional Complex Models Paper and Slides Thomas M. Cioppa and Thomas W. Lucas
Statistical Analysis of Atmospheric Properties for Estimation of Infrared Radiance of Ballistic Missiles Abstract Scott Nestler