US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 20-22, 2004
Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center, held in Atlanta, GA

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Call for Papers


Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to David W. Scott, Rice University, with previous winnners

Short Course “Quantitative Graphics and Visual Analytics for Communication and Discovery” Abstract, October 18-19, 2004, Daniel B. Carr

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Models for Anthrax: Antibiotics and Vaccines (Keynote) (Title Only) Ron Brookmeyer
Mixed-Effects Models for Organizational Data (Title Only) Douglas M. Bates and Paul Bliese
Data Mining in Counterterrorism Slides David Banks
The Challenges of Streaming Data (Title Only) Bill Szewczyk
Consensus Inference in Multi-Subject fMRI: An Old Problem Meets a New Technology (Title Only) Mark Vangel
Techniques for Sample Size Slides Russell Lenth

Contributed Papers

Title Author
System Engineering Approach and Metrics for Evaluating Digitization for the U.S. Army Battle Command (Title Only) Jock O. Grynovicki and Jean Breitenbach
A Bayesian Framework for Statistical, Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion Michael J. Smith and Anuj Srivastava
Visual Analytics for Streaming Internet Traffic Slides Edward J. Wegman and Karen Kafadar
A Noninformative Prior Bayesian Approach to Reliability Growth Projection Slides Paul M. Ellner and J. Brian Hall
Optimal System Design Under Reliability and Economic Constraints Michael R. Dugas and Francisco J. Samaniego
Parametric Estimators for False Discovery Rates (Title Only) Harry L. Hurd
Recursive Bipartite Spectral Clustering for Document Categorization Slides in “Statistical Text Processing” Jeffrey L. Solka, Avory C. Bryant, and Edward J. Wegman
Iterative Denoising for Cross-Corpus Discovery (Title Only) in “Statistical Text Processing” Carey Priebe
Iterative maximization of Mutual Information in Integrated Sensing and Processing Decision Trees for Unsupervised Classification (Title Only) in “Statistical Text Processing” Damianos Karakos
STATISTICS COUNTS! - Examples of the Impact of Statistical Analyses on the Operational Test and Evaluation of Major Defense Systems (Title Only) Arthur Fries
Establishing the Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS) at the United States Military Academy Rodney X. Sturdivant
Fallacies and Myths in Elementary Statistics (Title Only) Bernard Harris
Public Health Preparedness Informatics (Banquet) (Title Only) John W. Loonsk
Extrapolating Testing for Biological Warfare Agents from the Laboratory to a Field Environment Charlie E. Holman, Carl T. Russell, and Chuck Jennings
Detecting Bio-Terrorist Attacks by Monitoring Non-Traditional Data Streams Using Wavelets (Title Only) Galit Shmueli and Bernard L. Dillard
Distributions of the Frequency of Waiting k Years for the Next Record (Title Only) Jayaram Sethuraman
Some Things Economists Know That Just Aren’t So Slides James R. Thompson, L. Scott Baggett, and William C. Wojciechowski
Estimating Load-Sharing Properties in a Dynamic Reliability Model (Title Only) in “Recent Advances in Engineering Statistics” Paul Kvam
Adaptive Designs for Stochastic Root-Finding (Title Only) in “Recent Advances in Engineering Statistics” Roshan Joseph
Building Surrogate Models Based on Detailed and Approximate Simulations (Title Only) in “Recent Advances in Engineering Statistics” C.F. Jeff Wu
Smoothed Residual Based Goodness-of-fit Statistics for Logistic Hierarchical Regression Models Rodney X. Sturdivant and David W. Hosmer, Jr.
Recurrent Event Model and Army Hospitalization Yuanzhang Li and Timothy Powers
Modeling a Binary Response Variable Using L2E (Title Only) David Kim
Evaluation of Advanced Aerospace Aluminum Alloys for Armor and Structural Applications Slides John F. Chinella
Interval Estimates for Probabilities of Non-Perforation Using a Generalized Pivotal Quantity David W. Webb
Statistical Tests of Bullet Lead Comparisons Slides Karen Kafadar and Clifford H. Spiegelman
Applications of the Volume of Tubes Formula in Functional NeuroImaging (Title Only) in “The Volume-of-Tube Formula, Perturbation, Mixture Models and Applications” Jonathan Taylor
The Volume-of-Tube Formula: Applications to Perturbation and Mixture Models (Title Only) in “The Volume-of-Tube Formula, Perturbation, Mixture Models and Applications” Ramani S. Pilla and Catherine Loader
Perturbation Theory and Mixture Models: Application to Particle Physics Slides in “The Volume-of-Tube Formula, Perturbation, Mixture Models and Applications” Cyrus Taylor
Reducing Simulation Runs for Future Combat System Key Performance Parameter Analysis Thomas M. Cioppa
A Monte Carlo Simulation of the Kriging Model (Title Only) Jay D. Martin and Timothy W. Simpson
Research Directions in Adaptive Mixtures and Model-Based Clustering Slides Wendy L. Martinez and Jeffrey L. Solka

Clinical Paper

Title Author
Determining A Minimal Alternatives Replication Set for Constructive Combat Simulation (Title Only) Paul J. Deason
A Simulation Experiment for Assessing Adaptive Tactical Behaviors of Autonomous Ground Vehicles (Title Only) Barry A. Bodt
Sequential Stopping Rule for Determining the Number of Replications Necessary when Several Measures of Effectiveness are of Interest Anthony J. Quinzi and Paul Deason