US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 24-26, 2001
Los Alamos National Laboratory, held at Bishop’s Lodge, Santa Fe, NM

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Abstract and Foreword

Call for Papers

Program and Agenda

Short Course “Applied Logistic Regression” Abstract and Outline, October 22-23, 2001, David Hosmer

Invited Speakers

Title Author
On a New Approach to Robust Estimation (Keynote) Abstract David W. Scott
Predicting and Understanding Complex Data (Title Only) Leo Breiman
Development of Some Locally Most Powerful Rank Tests for Correlation W.J. Conover
Boosting with the L2 Loss: Regression and Classification Abstract and Slides Bin Yu
Accelerated Testing: Obtaining Reliability Information Quickly Abstract William Q. Meeker
Visual Data Mining of Remote Sensing Data Abstract Jürgen Symanzik

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Case Studies in Elicitation and Quantification of Expertise and Judgment Abstract Mary Meyer, Jerry Morzinski, Laura McNamara, and Gregory Wilson
Nuggetizing the Elephant: Managing Urban Complexity During Military Operations Abstract and Slides in “Urban Warfare” Russell W. Glenn
Networked Organizational Structure and Function in a Complex Megacity Abstract in “Urban Warfare” Matt Begert
Real-Time Pseudo-Randomly Generated Features for Combat Experimentation in Urban Sprawl Abstract and Slides in “Urban Warfare” Greg Tackett
International Trends in MOUT Research Abstract in “Urban Warfare” Danny C. Champion
An Experimental Design to Collect Human Science Data for Modeling and Analysis Eugene Dutoit, William Guest, Michael Statkus, Arthur Garrett, and Luci Salvi
Analysis in the MOUT ACTD Abstract W.M. Christenson
Human Factors Evaluation of the Digitized Battlefield (DCX Phase I) Jock O. Grynovicki and Kragg P. Kysor
Advantages of NDE Data over Destructive Testing Data Abstract C. Shane Reese and Mike Hamada
Statistical Artifacts in the Ratio of Discrete Quantities Abstract and Slides Roger G. Johnston, Shayla D. Schroder, and Rajika Mallawaaratchy
Statistical Assessment of Aging Materials Abstract Joanne Wendelberger
Simulating Survival Probabilities of a Lander Mission on Mars Abstract Karen Kafadar
Functional Sensitivity Analysis for Computer Model Output Katherine Campbell
Introduction to Data Mining with Military Applications Abstract Christopher Jeffreys and James Wisnowski
Bootstrapping a Stochastic Process: Time-Indexed Risk Profile Analysis of an Index Fund James R. Thompson and Edward E. Williams
Analyzing Vulnerability Results for Tags and Tamper-Indicating Seals Roger G. Johnston and Anthony R.E. Garcia
Liars, Damned Liars and Statisticians Arthur Fries
Overview of Stockpile Stewardship (Banquet) (Title Only) Jas. Mercer-Smith
Subsampling of Biased Statistics with Application to Nonparametric Density and Intensity Estimation Andreas Futschik
The Biggest, the Oldest, and Other Such Extremes Abstract Bruce J. West
Reducing the Error in Estimating Production Costs of Multiple-Unit Procurements Abstract and Slides Scott M. Vickers
Cybernetic Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Abstract Robert L. Fry
Sensitivity Analysis Using Design of Experiments in Ballistic Missile Defense and Slides Jacqueline K. Telford
Model-Based Methods for Biological Agent Identification in Mass Spectrometry Abstract Fernando Pineda
Identifying Storms in Noisy Radio Frequency Data via Satellite: An Application of Density Estimation and Cluster Analysis and Slides Tom Burr, Angela Mielke, and Abram Jacobson
The Moment Preservation Method of Cluster Analysis (Title Only) Bernard Harris
Rank Adapted Kernel Density Estimation David B. Kim
The Role of Expert Knowledge in Uncertainty Quantification (Are We Adding More Uncertainty or More Understanding?) and Slides Jane M. Booker, Mark C. Anderson, and Mary A. Meyer
Optimal Reliability Apportionment (Title Only) Nozer D. Singpurwalla
On Computing and Comparing the Reliability of Competing Networks P.J. Boland, F.J. Samaniego, and E.M. Vestrup
Statistical Methods in Software Engineering for Defense Systems: Summary of a Workshop Abstract Jesse Poore and Siddhartha Dalal
Network Evaluation via Activity Vector Clustering Abstract in “Information Assurance” Jeff Solka
Audit Data Analysis and Mining Abstract in “Information Assurance” Ningning Wu
Mining a Data Stream to Understand User Behavior Abstract in “Information Assurance” Diane Lambert
A Special Topic in Risk Analysis (Title Only) Bernie Harris
Exact Moments of the 2x2x2 Distribution Abstract Robert Launer
Mixed Model Inference for Army Test and Evaluation Abstract Thomas Mathew and David Webb

Clinical Papers

Title Author
The Effects of Vegetation on Line-of-Sight (LOS) for Dismounted Infantry Operations Abstract Danny C. Champion and Louis A. Fatale
On the Implementation of a Replication Paradigm for Calculating Confidence Intervals on Latin Hypercube Statistics Abstract Vicente J. Romero