US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 21-22, 2015
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Call for Papers

Program, Program in Brief, and Program at a Glance


Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Award Presented to Alyson G. Wilson, North Carolina State University

Short Course “Bayesian Methods with R” Abstract, October 19-20, 2015, Robert Gramacy

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Rigorous, Defensible, Efficient Testing (Keynote) Abstract Catherine Warner
Data, Models, and Analytics Abstract Sallie Keller
Malware Static Analysis Techniques Using a Multidisciplinary Approach Abstract Edward Wegman
Design Oriented Modeling: A Powerful Approach for Model Selection for Definitive Screening Designs Abstract Bradley Jones

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Mining Text Networks Abstract in “Text Mining” David Banks
Modeling the Evolution and Influence of Blogger’s Topic Sentiment and Opinion Profile Abstract in “Text Mining” Michael James Garrity
Risk Preserving Semantic Content in Text Mining Using Multigrams Abstract in “Text Mining” Yasmin H. Said
Design and Analysis for Constraining Dynamic Network Simulation Models with Observational Data Abstract in “Design of Experiments” David Higdon and Jiangzhuo Chen
Incorporating Confidence Intervals on the Decision Threshold in Logistic Regression Abstract in “Design of Experiments” Michael J. Kist and Rachel T. Silvestrini
Covering Arrays: A Tool to Construct Efficient Test Suites for Validating Software Systems Abstract in “Design of Experiments” Joseph Morgan and Ryan Lekivetz
CSP #579: The Health of Vietnam Era Women’s Study (HealthViEWS) Abstract in “Cooperative Experiments at the VA” Tracey Serpi
CSP #504: Risperidone Treatment for Military Service Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Abstract in “Cooperative Experiments at the VA” Karen Jones
Tractable Analysis of Experiments on High-dimensional Simulation Codes Abstract Matthew Plumlee
Computational Geometry for Multivariate Statistics, Slides John F. Nolan
Statistical Design and Validation of Modeling and Simulation Abstract Kelly McGinnity and Laura Freeman
Learning Bayesian Network Structure using Data from Designed Simulation Experiments Abstract Jarom Ballantyne, Terril Hurst, and Allan Mense
Modeling Adversarial Sensor Networks Using Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets Abstract Terril Hurst, Kris Kukla, Daniel Rosser, and James Kimmet
Derivation of the Distribution Function for the Tampered Brownian Motion Process Model Arthur Fries
Summary of Findings and Recommendations from the National Research Council Report on Reliability Growth: Enhanced Defense System Reliability, Slides Arthur Fries
Modeling an Augmented Lagrangian for Blackbox Constrained Optimization Abstract and Slides Robert Gramacy
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Non-homogeneous Poisson Process Software Reliability Model with the Expectation Conditional Maximization Algorithm, Slides Vidhyashree Nagaraju, Thierry Wandji, and Lance Fiondella
Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Common Components Across Multiple System Configurations Abstract and Slides Kassie Fronczyk, Rebecca Dickinson, Alyson Wilson, Caleb Browning, and Laura Freeman
Estimating System Reliability from Heterogeneous Data Abstract and Slides Caleb Browning, Laura Freeman, Alyson Wilson, Kassie Fronczyk, and Rebecca Dickinson
Ammunition Projectile Chemical Coating Experiment with Design Oriented Modeling Abstract Doug Ray and Tom Donnelly

Clinical Paper

Title Author
A Design of Experiments Approach to Evaluating Parameterization Schemes for Numerical Weather Prediction Jeffrey A. Smith and Richard Penc