US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 26-28, 2016
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC


Call for Papers



Short Course “Introduction to R and Data Visualization” Abstract and Outline, October 24-25, 2016, Abel Rodriguez, University of California, Santa Cruz

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Statistical and Data Literacy in the Era of Big Data (Keynote) Abstract and Slides Kirk Borne
Estimating Network Degree Distributions from Sampled Networks: An Inverse Problem Abstract and Slides Eric Kolaczyk
Cyberlanguage: Enhancing Cybersecurity through Statistical and Natural Language Processing Techniques Abstract Joseph A. Marr, Bartley D. Richardson, David B. Krisiloff, Benjamin J. Radford, and Christopher M. Morris
Bayesian Spatial Model Selection for Detection and Identification in Chemical Plumes Based on Hyperspectral Imagery Data Abstract and Slides Abel Rodriguez and Nicole Mendoza
Data Farming: Reaping Insights from Large-Scale Simulation Experiments Abstract Susan Sanchez

90-Minute Tutorials

Title Author
Adversarial Risk Analysis Abstract and Slides David Banks
Bayesian Analysis Abstract and Slides Kassie Fronczyk
Combinatorial Methods in Software Testing Abstract and Slides Rick Kuhn
Resampling Methods Abstract and Slides and Ziplink with R-code examples Dave Ruth
An Introduction to Survey Research Abstract Heather Wojton

Contributed Papers

Title Author
The DASE Axioms: Designing Simulation Experiments for Verifying Performance of Software-Intensive Systems Abstract and Slides in “Computer Experiments” T. Hurst, I. Goodrich, C. Leigh, C. Pouchet, M. Tolman, M. Wynn, and J. Zink
Design for Large-scale Statistical Computation and Distributed Computer Experiments Abstract in “Computer Experiments” Peter Qian
Activity-Based Intelligence and Pattern-of-Life Analysis Abstract in “Quantitative Methods in Intelligence” Pat Biltgen
Data Science for Threat Finance Intelligence Abstract in “Quantitative Methods in Intelligence” I. Kloo
Leveraging Data Across Operational Test Unit Variants to Assess Reliability Abstract S. Brady, P. Ellner, and M. Wayne
Test Design Adequacy for Logistic Regression Abstract and Slides Kendal Ferguson and Scott Hunter
Fast Patchwork Bootstrap for Quantifying Estimation Uncertainties in Sparse Random Network Abstract Y. Gel, V. Lyubchich, and L. Ramirez
Many Transformations, 400 New Distributions Abstract and Slides A. Glen, S. Butler, and N. Mankovich
Cyclic Stochastic Approximation for Multiagent Stochastic Optimization Abstract K. Hernandez and J. Spall
An Assessment of Energy Efficient Planning Abstract and Slides C. Lennon, M. Childers, M. Harper, C. Ordonez, N. Gupta, J. Pace, R. Kopinsky, A. Sharma, E. Collins, and J. Clark
Software Failure and Reliability Assessment Tool (SFRAT): An Open Source Application for the Practitioner and Research Community Abstract and Slides V. Nagaraju, T. Wandji, and L. Fiondella
Trends Group-wise and Regional Terrorism via Clustering in the Model Space Abstract and Slides V. Raghavan
DoD Applications of Sensitivity Testing and DOE for Binary Response Abstract D. Ray, C. Drake, and P. Roediger
Uncertainty Quantification of Armament Engineering Models and Simulations Abstract D. Ray and M. Jablonski
A New Sensitivity Testing Procedure when there are Two Stress Variables Abstract and Slides C.F.J. Wu