US Army Conference on Applied Statistics
October 22-24, 2014
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC

Call for Papers and Flyer

Program and Program in Brief


Short Course “Statistical Methods for Product Life Analysis and Accelerated Testing” Abstract, October 20-21, 2014, William Q. Meeker

Invited Speakers

Title Author
Shape Metrology (Keynote) Abstract Antonio Possolo
Applications of the Extremogram to Time Series and Spatial Processes Abstract and Slides Richard Davis
Model-Based Clustering of Large Networks Abstract and Slides David R. Hunter, Duy Q. Vu, Michael Schweinberger
A Statistical Analysis of a Time Series of Twitter Graphs, Slides David Marchette
Mixing Apples and Oranges: Complex System Reliability with Multi-Modal Testing Abstract and Slides Shane Reese
Eight Questions for Work with Non-Designed Data Sources (Banquet) Slides John Eltinge

Contributed Papers

Title Author
Practical Large-Scale Computer Model Calibration to Real Data Abstract and Slides in “Predictive Analytics” Robert Gramacy
Interactive Model Building Using JMP Abstract in “Predictive Analytics” Chris Gotwalt
Ensemble Methods in Data Mining Abstract and Slides in “Predictive Analytics” Andrew Fast and John Elder
Tail Inference: Where Does the Tail Begin? Abstract and Slides in “Applications of Multivariate Heavy Tailed Statistics” Gennady Samorodnitsky and Tilo Nguyen
Computational Tools for Non-Gaussian Multivariate Distributions Abstract and Slides in “Applications of Multivariate Heavy Tailed Statistics” John Nolan
Sampling Heavy-Tailed Multivariate Distributions on Large Networks Abstract and Slides in “Applications of Multivariate Heavy Tailed Statistics” Don Towsley
Models with Hidden Regular Variation: Generation and Detection Abstract and Slides in “Applications of Multivariate Heavy Tailed Statistics” Sidney Resnick
Application of Failure Mode Distributions to Reliability Analysis of Combat Systems (Title Only) Russell W. Morris
Statistical Tests for Rare Event Predictors Abstract Dragos D. Margineantu
Tensor Spline-Based Sieve Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Bivariate Current Status Data (Title Only) Ying Zhang
Applications of the Law of First Digits in Cyber and Soft Biometrics Abstract and Slides Stephen Russell
Statistical Approaches in Mining Unstructured Text for Contextual Understanding and Event Prediction Abstract and Slides Elizabeth Bowman
Risk Analytics for Complex Information Network Abstract Robert Bonneau
Social Networks as Basic Science for Understanding Human Dimensions of Military Operations Abstract and Slides Chris Arney and Kate Coronges
Building Requirements-Flow Models Using Bayesian Networks and Designed Simulation Experiments, Slides Terril Hurst, Jarom Ballantyne, and Allan Mense
Petri Net Models of Adversarial Scenarios in Safety and Security Abstract and Slides David Collins and Aparna Huzurbazar
Mixed Graphical Models via Exponential Families Abstract and Slides Eunho Yang, Yulia Baker, Pradeep Ravikumar, Genevera Allen, and Zhandong Liu
Bayesian Estimation Under Informative Sampling Abstract and Slides Terrance D. Savitsky, Daniell Toth, and Michail Sverchkov
How Bayesian Reliability Analysis was Developed and Implemented for Production Decisions, Slides Bruce Baber, Allan T. Mense, and C. Shane Reese
Developing Prior Distributions to be used in Bayesian evaluation of Army Acquisition Cycle Systems Abstract and Slides Randy Griffiths and Andy Thompson
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis on Aircraft Stringer Selection, Slides Shuguang Song, You Ren, and Paul D. Sampson
Convergence of Cyclic Stochastic Optimization and Generalizations Abstract Karla Hernandez and James Spall
Modeling the Active and Idle Durations of Network Hosts Abstract and Slides Soumyo Moitra
Automatic Defect Searching and Categorization, Method and Application Abstract and Slides David Hughes and Bill Thomas
Constructing a Movement Model for a Small Unit, Slides Vince Pulido, Craig Lennon, Mary Anne Fields, and Laura Barnes
Empirical Signal to Noise Ratios for Operational Tests Abstract and Slides Matt Avery and Kelly McGinnity
An Autonomous Robotic Trenching Experiment Abstract Barry Bodt, Marshal Childers, Craig Lennon, Richard Camden, and Nicolas Hudson
Success Indicators in the USMA Advanced Core Mathematics Program, Slides Pamela Harris, Jarrod Shingleton, James Starling, and Christopher Thoma
The Economy and Enlisted Retention in the Navy Abstract Jane Pinelis and Jared Huff
Modeling and Inferencing for Activity Profile of Terrorist Groups, Slides Vasanthan Raghavan
Applying Risk Analysis to Acceptance Testing of Combat Helmets Abstract and Slides Janice Hester and Laura Freeman
Statistical Issues in Combat Helmet Acceptance Testing Abstract and Slides Robert G. Easterling
Science of Test: Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of DoD Test and Evaluation Abstract and Slides V. Bram Lillard and Laura Freeman
Analysis of High-Dimensional Biomarker Data for Binary Outcomes Abstract and Slides Hongda Zhang, Yuanzhang Li, Hua Liang, and Colin Wu
Modeling and Inference in Ecological Problems Abstract and Slides Wesley McCardle and Alongkot Ponlawat
An R Plugin Package for Geospatial Analysis Abstract Erin Hodgess

Clinical Paper

Title Author
Prospective Application of Component and System Reliability Concepts and Methods to Analysis of Survey Participation Abstract and Slides John L. Eltinge